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Barbara Griffin

Barbara Griffin is an award winning screen composer and writer/producer based in Sydney.

Classically trained, she studied studied Piano, Organ, and Composition at Dr Hoch’s Konservatorium and Victoria University.

Barbara spent a decade doing ads in NZ, where her band ‘the Holidaymakers’ also had a #1 hit, outselling the likes of U2 and Michael Jackson (not bad for a self- funded indie release).

Co-writing with Jon Stevens led to 7 months in LA working with Randy Jackson (American Idol) after which Barbara signed publishing with Sony/ATV.

Writing/Production credits include Qantas, Jetstar, Mitsubishi, Jon Stevens, Joe Cocker, Nessa Morgan, Annie Crummer, Don Walker, Axle Whitehead, Tammin Sursok, The Rockmelons, Bobby Flynn, Tiaan, and many more.

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Barbara Griffin

Barbara Griffin