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Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan's technical mastery and pure voice make her one of Australia's most versatile and beloved vocalists. A mother, singer, producer, songwriter, pianist and business woman, this multi award winning and 5 x platinum selling songstress first received widespread praise as the angel-voiced songstress of indie-pop band george and she has since taken audiences on sublime excursions through jazz, pop and classical music. Her various releases include her folk trio's self titled album ‘elixir', the No. 1 selling classical album ‘Two of a Kind' with her mother Maggie and her gold-selling top ten album solo album ‘Skin'. She has also worked with the country's top orchestra's including her recent fruitful collaboration with Richard Tognetti and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Noonan's affinity with jazz shone through the ARIA award winning album, Before Time Could Change Us. Recorded with revered pianist Paul Grabowsky, it captured the breathtaking beauty and emotion which characterises her work. In Noonan's latest album release, Blackbird, she collaborated with an historic ensemble of iconic jazz players including Joe Lovano, Ron Carter, Lewis Nash and John Scofield.

Reviewer Murray Black put it succinctly during a reflection on Katie's guest appearance at the Lord Of The Rings Symphony at the Opera House with the SSO:

“The undoubted highlight of the evening was guest vocalist Katie Noonan. Here is a rare talent with a voice of extraordinary beauty and versatility. In most of her solos, she sounded like a classical soprano as she soared over the orchestra with a spine-tingling, vibrato-less angelic purity. Then, in Gollum's Song and the Oscar winning Into the West, she revealed her pop diva credentials with her strong, clear voice projecting effortlessly out in the audience”

"Noonan's soaring, beautifully phrased high notes, ultra-musical communication of meaning and expressive use of the microphone and digitial technologies were stunning."
- Gillian Wills, The Australian (7 March 2008)

"This woman is the whole package. She is not only one of the most versatile singers in the industry, easing her way through rock and jazz and even scaling the heights of opera, but she has the amazing ability to completely rearrange a song yet keep the emotional substance of it.” - Oct 31 2009

Katie's new and very exciting project is ‘Emperor's Box' - her new album with her fantastic new band The Captains. Co -produced by Katie and Grammy award winning engineer/producer Nick Didia, this album marks an exciting return to form for Katie - back to her beloved lush, organic band sound and strong and inspiring personal stores and has been widely critically acclaimed, with Rolling Stone Magazine's 4 star review saying “it is a joy to hear Noonan return to the more traditional pop of Emperor's Box, albeit with a sumptuous and skewed take on the art form that combines the experimental beauty of Sigur Ros and Radiohead with the dark, dreamy atmospherics of 27” and Kathy McCabe describing it as “deliciously over-the-top alternative pop”.

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Katie Noonan

Katie Noonan