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Lior Attar

Lior seemed to emerge from nowhere back in 2005 with his stunning debut album ‘Autumn Flow'. As is often the case, it was in fact the culmination of years of hard work by Lior, time spent honing both his songwriting and delivery down to the record that eventually captured hearts and minds all over the country.

The self-financed ‘Autumn Flow' - which perfectly showcased Lior's rich voice and enchanting musical arrangements, as well as subtly reflecting his Middle Eastern heritage - in time became one of the most successful independent debuts in Australian history, garnering Lior three ARIA nominations (including Best Male Artist) and a swag of other awards, including a prestigious Triple J ‘J Award' nomination for Album Of The Year.

But such accolades are merely diversions for Lior. Throughout his career he has revealed a genuine love of the musical form that few can match, displaying an honesty and integrity in his music that unfailingly touches the souls of so many. Not one to compromise his art for commercial considerations, Lior is genuinely all about the music, a sentiment reflected in the way that his following has blossomed organically, without the need for hype or propaganda.

Further adding to Lior's overall appeal is his acclaimed live show, his laid-back charm and charisma (coupled with his furious touring ethic) causing demand to flourish to the extent that a live album ‘Doorways Of My Mind' was released in 2006, an unprecedented step for an artist with only one studio album on the shelves.

And it's not only Australia who's fallen head over heels for Lior's distinctive allure. He has travelled internationally with the WOMAD festival, and ‘Autumn Flow' has been released (with accompanying bouts of touring) in Japan, Europe, the UK and America.

When time came to build on this solid foundation Lior spent the bulk of 2007 working on his follow-up album ‘Corner Of An Endless Road'. Lior describes the album :

“Corner Of An Endless Road is a true representation of my musical landscape; think Led Zeppelin jamming with Nick Drake at a teahouse somewhere in the Middle East.”

Lior's second album, released in 2008 was a huge success, debuting at #2 on the Australian albums chart and topping the Independent charts for several weeks. The release was followed by several sold out national tours, including the hugely successful ‘Shadows and Light' tour - a stunning collaboration with live performance shadow artistry built specifically to Lior's music. The tour showcased at the Sydney Opera House to wide critical acclaim.

Lior is a musician whose music gives more than it takes, offering a spiritually enriching experience for all involved and a reminder of a time when the music came first, and everything else was secondary.

Lior's third studio album is due for release September 2010.

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Lior Attar

Lior Attar