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Serge Bolzonello

You may not see Serge Bolzonello's photo on the cover of a chart-topping CD, but ask some of the world's leading performers, and they will tell you he is number one in a highly specialised industry. As a qualified CPA accountant Serge worked for both the Australian Taxation Office and as the manager of a boutique Melbourne firm specializing in the entertainment industry. The experience he gained from this work in the 1980's and 90's, together with his enthusiasm and vision, gave him the impetus to establish one of the largest and most successful firms in Australia dealing specifically with music and entertainment.

His list of clients has included a Who's Who: Jet, Eskimo Joe, Sneaky Sound System, Evermore, Pete Murray, Casey Chambers, Midnight Juggernauts, Eddie Perfect, Danny Bhoy, Andrea Boccelli, Moby, The Breeders…

His philosophy has always been based on assisting his artists to build wealth from their creative talents: “Our artists play the numbers while we take care of the numbers.”

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Serge Bolzonello

Serge Bolzonello