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Sean Ray Mullins (aka SNOB SCRILLA)

Snob Scrilla was the moniker taken up by the 25 year genre blurring Sean Ray. Originally from California, he started making music when he moved to Australia to study. Now based in Sydney, Snob Scrilla released his EP The Day Before… in 2008, with singles ‘There You Go Again' and ‘Chasing Ghosts' in 2008.

His debut album Day One was released in April 2009 with the singles 'Heartbreak Scorsese' and '......... (The Song With No Title)'.

Day One is an album of contrasts - beat heavy party jams collide with highly charged political observations, while a sense of regret plays out through Snob's honest story-telling.

"My main goal was for listeners to get a feel for where I was at a certain time in my life. Some of the characters on the album are just my perceptions, or representations of groups in society, and some are real people who have been in my life," he says.

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Sean Ray Mullins

Sean Ray Mullins