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    • Sunday 20 June

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Hip Hop workshop

Toby Finlayson

Toby Finlayson (Bathurst, NSW) has been working both nationally and internationally in marginalised and disadvantaged communities for more than 8 years. Toby trained in Thailand with acclaimed community theatre foundation ‘Makhampom' (2001/2003), working in remote and disadvantaged communities and has also coordinated programs in Sri Lankan tsunami refugee camps (2005). He has since delivered innovative indigenous media programs with Desert Pea Media since its formation in 2002.

Desert Pea Media is an indigenous community arts organisation working in Aboriginal communities around Australia. Toby Finlayson and Matthew Priestley deliver their acclaimed hip hop literacy program at the 2010 APRA Song Summit. The program involves a unique 'peer to peer' mentoring program with young people from all backgrounds, where participants write and record their own hip hop track, telling the story of their collective experience.

Limited to 15 places, this program mentors young people to tell a common story using the language of hip hop and rhyme to advocate awareness of youth social issues. The song will be recorded and presented on stage at the end of the festival in Darling Harbour.

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Toby Finlayson

Toby Finlayson